Creating innovative service models

Today, the term “service provider” encompasses a broad range of players in the wireless communications market. The familiar spectrum-owning mobile network operators (MNOs) are complemented by virtual network operators (MVNOs), focused players addressing vertical markets such as maritime and airborne communications, and SPs offering service in unlicensed spectrum.

The whole ecosystem is supported by a broad range of hardware and software providers, mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs) and systems integrators.

Against this rapidly-changing background, Quortus EdgeCentrix virtualized core networking technology is already helping our customers to build differentiated services, reduce costs and improve customer experience. For example, our technology enabled Cisco Systems and Telefónica to demonstrate an innovative solution for enterprises featuring VoLTE and local voice and data offload.

We enable networks with global roaming and high security; we power reach-back and morale communications for remote sites such as oil rigs and mining sites. Our ECX Tactical solution is uniquely capable of providing secure, field deployable 4G communications for public and emergency service, military and disaster recovery personnel with advanced features including ad-hoc meshing.

Via ECX Sentinel, we power secure communications in sensitive locations including correctional facilities and embassies.

Looking further ahead, our technology is playing a key role in the evolution of 5G via development centers and academic institutions worldwide.

These are just a few examples of how Quortus is pushing the boundaries of wireless communications. By siting intelligence anywhere in the network, we help to turn service concepts into reality. Find out more about our products and solutions by clicking the links to the right: or if you have a particular requirement or service in mind, contact us and let us help make your ideas a reality.


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