Field-deployable communications for public service, military and first responders

The Quortus Tactical software suite creates field-deployable private 4G networks. It is specifically designed for public safety organizations, emergency services, military operations and other government or aid agencies. It combines the benefits of LTE and all-IP cellular, with features associated with critical communications-oriented systems such as Tetra: including high-reliability voice, multicast/broadcast connectivity and in-session mobility.

Quortus Tactical supports key localized services such as command and control information, video surveillance and access to local voice services or PBX features. It is ideal for high security, high-mobility environments, such as portable network-in-a-box deployments, in-vehicle usage, UAVs and back-packs.

It enables ‘bubbles’ of 4G resilient and sanitized private communications networks, the system can function standalone, or with roaming-type reach-back to a central network and is also well-suited to static deployments, such as air-base or campus coverage and border protection deployments.

Quortus works closely with systems integrators, prime contractors and value-added resellers to create optimum cellular communications solutions for customers working in demanding scenarios. Quortus Tactical benefits from 12 years of experience creating field-deployable cellular networks. All software is Quortus owned, created and UK based, meaning we have full control over features and timelines for any customization or packaging work.

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