Managed Access Solutions

The Quortus Sentinel  Managed Access System (MAS) supports 2G, 3G and 4G technologies and has been designed to satisfy the needs of organisations and facilities that need to tightly control access to mobile services in a defined area. 


Managed Access tightly controls the use of handsets located within a defined area, typically a building or campus. A private network is created using one or more 2G, 3G and 4G radios coupled to Quortus Sentinel software over an IP LAN or WAN. The coverage extent of these radios defines an outer boundary, the area within which is one where the behavior of user handsets is carefully controlled, particularly with respect to network access.

This highly specialized use of mobile network technology has been designed primarily for use by law enforcement authorities and other government departments and agencies for operation within appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks. Sentinel can be used to enforce a security policy for mobile phone use in an secure area for known authorized and sensitive users, for example with embassies or secure buildings. Or as a mechanism of handling arbitrary unknown users and handsets within prisons and similar establishments.

Quortus Sentinel is not a ‘jamming’ product or basic ‘IMSI grabber’, but is primarily a network access control system with service denial (grab-and-hold) and interception facilities.


Users, identified by IMSI, may be known in advance or be arbitrary users. How the system reacts to each group depends on an in-built white-list/black-list function, where each IMSI is referred to an access control database. Dependent on the entries within the database, the user’s handset may be ‘captured’ on the private network or permitted to revert to a visible macro network. Unknown users forcibly attached to the private network may be deliberately denied all service. In contrast, known and authorized users may be given secure access to a set of protected resources and services.

Supporting a range of third party radios, Quortus Sentinel is flexible and future-proof, offering a one-stop-shop for managing a controlled/secure area using 2G, 3G and 4G technologies simultaneously. Sentinel also offers advanced features such as LAC rotation and optional authentication on 3G and 4G using MAP and Diameter into MNOs.

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