Enterprise optimized Private LTE

Quortus Enterprise is an innovative solution for extending LTE access into the enterprise domain. Whether deployed as an extension to a mobile carrier’s network or as a private EPC instance, Quortus Enterprise enables small cell deployments to provide secure and enterprise managed access to local voice and data services. Supporting small cells deployed in both licensed and license exempt spectrum plus MNO integration options, Quortus Enterprise opens up new business models and services.

Based on award-winning technology, leveraging 3GPP EPC elements and 5G networking techniques, the Quortus Enterprise product suite optimises enterprise hosted private cellular networks.

MNO Integration

Quortus Enterprise offers application and traffic gateway capabilities within the enterprise network. Deployments can be fully private , loosely integrated, or tightly integrated with the MNO core network.

Multi Access Edge Computing

  • ETSI MEC Phase 2 compliant
  • Low latency with virtual user plane processing elements residing in the enterprise
  • Centralised single control plane instance
  • Secure context aware local breakout at enterprise

Private EPC

  • Collapsed virtual instance of a full EPC located in the enterprise
  • Self contained secure local network
  • Roaming to MNO via S6a and S8 interconnects

LTE Services

ECX Enterprise enables a host of enterprise controlled services aimed at voice, video, data and IoT applications.

  • VoLTE
  • Push Messaging
  • Wifi Integration
  • Access Control
  • Caching
  • Local Anchoring
  • IoT
  • Mirroring
  • Local Breakout
  • DPI & Analytics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Positioning
  • DNS Interception
  • Guest Access


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