Flexible NFV / MEC solutions

ECX Elements is a range of virtualized network components that complement Quortus’ integrated core network solutions.

Like all of Quortus’ products, ECX Elements embraces the concepts of network functions virtualization (NFV) and mobile edge computing (MEC), allowing tasks that have traditionally been performed in the mobile network core to be implemented, in software, anywhere in the network. The products are built on the same EdgeCentrix technology that enables the company’s flagship ECX Core product.

The first two elements in the range are ECX HSS/HLR for subscriber management and the SoftRNC radio network controller.


The Quortus HSS/HLR element is a cost-effective solution for user subscription management that scales from as few as 10 users to tens of thousands of users. Suitable for use in both 4G LTE and 2G/3G deployments, it allows both standalone network and RAN extension type implementations.

Already field-proven as part of the Quortus ECX Enterprise and ECX Tactical products, it is an ideal solution for communications service providers seeking flexibility of subscriber management at the network edge, and for mobile virtual network operators and enablers (MVNOs and MVNEs) which need to manage and own a subscriber base while integrating gracefully with a host operator’s infrastructure.

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The Quortus SoftRNC element provides a complete virtualized 3G Radio Network Controller (RNC) including radio resource, and mobility management functions. Compact and scalable, it can be embedded within a radio, but is also capable of controlling multiple NodeBs or small cells. Its software architecture makes it adaptable for use with a wide range of pico and macro radio solutions, and enables a broad range of innovative deployment scenarios, from metropolitan capacity offload and coverage enhancement, to remote/rural and specialized military and public safety scenarios.

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