Private mobile networking is one of the key service models supported by the use of licensed, license-exempt or deregulated spectrum. It enables a variety of innovative services for organizations and individual users, including DECT replacement and mixed voice/secure data services for enterprises and other organizations. Telefónica, for example, is pioneering the use of private mobile networks, particularly amongst its industrial and enterprise customer base.

Private cellular provides a means of running private, wide area multiple access networks – whether with full mobility or fixed – where other license-exempt solutions such as Wi-Fi don’t scale, provide adequate range or present capacity and quality of service (QoS) challenges.

Quortus provides a full turn-key solution for private network deployments, based around our 2G/3G/4G virtual core network (EPC) software, but with a particular focus on private LTE. We allow enterprise end-users to own and manage their own private LTE deployment; for IT network integrators, we offer the expertise and software required to provide the LTE aspects of an overall enterprise solution; and for service providers offering private LTE as a service, (including MNOs) we can pull together a complete build-operate-transfer offering.

Private networks powered by Quortus are both flexible and scalable. Our software is designed to run on any hardware platform, including IT grade COTS servers. Our solution is scalable and cost effective for connected-user counts of anywhere between tens, and tens of thousands, of connected users. We can provide a complete standalone private network; or integrate with a wider (public or private) network, with multi-site aggregation and sophisticated local/wide area traffic handling capabilities.

Private LTE for enterprise

Many enterprises today are looking for a turnkey private LTE solution which can be managed as part of an enterprise IT environment, and integrates voice, (VoLTE of OTT VoIP), SMS and data services, as well as machine-to-machine and IoT interconnections.

In collaboration with proven system integration partners, we can provide a complete system design, planning, supply, deployment, integration, commissioning and project management service. We work with a broad range of small cell suppliers for the RAN-side requirements, providing network sharing (MOCN) integration where required.

Enterprise private LTE deployments will typically use our EPC and integrated IMS hosted either on a server or in a private cloud. We can supply IP-PBX capabilities – or integrate with your chosen supplier – and even provide handsets and SIMs.

Our aim is to make the whole process of deploying a private LTE network less complex. Instead of outsourcing network operations work to a third party, enterprise IT departments can take on the task. Our core network solution provides full EPC functionality, but on an IT infrastructure with interfaces that an enterprise IT group can handle.

Private LTE for integrators

If you’re an IT network integrator, adding a private LTE offering to your portfolio could be the differentiator you need.

Quortus can offer a complete turnkey solution for the cellular (2G/3G/4G LTE) side of any network deployment and provide support for integration with the overall IT infrastructure. We can work with your established hardware suppliers, or recommend proven partners to build the complete solution. So you can provide your enterprise customers with all of the benefits of a private LTE solution: scalability, improved coverage range, capacity and quality of service.

Private LTE as a service

Enterprise users are increasingly looking to MNOs and other service providers to offer richer communications solutions, rather than plain vanilla connectivity. For the service provider, this represents both an opportunity and a threat, as new players enter the market.

Quortus can provide a full ‘net-co’ private LTE solution, deploying private RAN and a hosted/cloud-based (public or private) EPC with IMS to enable true VoLTE, and an optional soft PBX. We offer field-proven roaming interconnect alongside roaming partner integration capabilities and expertise, as well as industry-standard O&M interfaces and support for integration with third-party system such as WiFi, LoRa and Sigfox.

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