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Quortus Hits Five Hundred EdgeCentrix Deployments

This month saw Quortus hit a major milestone, reaching 500 deployments worldwide of our ECX software core network technology; including our ECX Enterprise product which is the first commercially available solution aligned with the Small Cell Forum’s Release 2.

The two biggest markets where we’ve seen traction are the US and Netherlands, both with over 100 deployments.

In the US, the ECX range has been particularly popular as part of rapid deployment and public safety networks. By comparison, in the Netherlands – the location of our largest deployment to date – the government has taken the progressive step of making guard band spectrum available for unlicensed use, igniting a dynamic market for private cellular networks.

This has enabled innovative companies like ourselves to build private networks for businesses and organisations that meet their need for the high-quality mobile coverage that is essential in ‘cutting the cord’ and moving to a mobile first approach with all the benefits that follow.

Our ECX solution turns the mobile core network in to a software application, allowing core network functionality to be handled locally, creating a private network for businesses, venues and locations. Our ECX Enterprise solution can also be integrated with an enterprise’s existing comms infrastructure and IP-PBX, making employees’ mobile phones appear as local extensions that are part of the local voice network. This also enables regular PBX functionality on regular mobile handsets.

The ECX product range allows private networks both big and small to be deployed, something we’re seeing borne out in the real world. No two of our deployments are the same, encompassing: large campuses, military, local government, museums, health centres, manufacturing plants and private enterprises. When we say that our solutions are both scalable and flexible, we really mean it.

The number of deployments we’ve achieved reflects both the market appetite for, and faith in the ECX suite. This doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels though. This technology can also be applied to public networks where operators can guarantee coverage and capacity on-site for businesses, or to help deliver cellular service to remote and rural locations. We continue to sign new deals, in new markets as operators see how ECX can be used to extend the reach of their networks and people realise how such a solution can reinvigorate their comms infrastructure.

Here’s to the next 500!