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Quortus Completes IoT of Telum’s Ranberry LTE Picocells and its EdgeCentrix Software EPC

10th June 2014 – Quortus and Telum, a Russian leader in LTE small cell solutions, today successfully completed interoperability tests between Telum’s LTE RanberryTM picocell line and Quortus’ EdgeCentrix software EPC network technology. As a result, companies can offer a comprehensive LTE Solution for Mobile Network Operators, System Integrators and vertical markets including public safety and transportation.

Telum’s RanberryTM Cells are designed and built for fast and easy deployment in any building at a small fraction of the DAS (distributed antenna system) cost. Their limited power output dramatically simplifies licensing procedures. The HetNet RAN design enables the customer to adopt a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ scaling model which saves the operator's investment until it is really needed. The plug-n-play self-configuration feature further reduces deployment costs and its advanced RAN sharing support enables CAPEX and OPEX reduction in multi-operator deployments.

Complementary to this, Quortus’ EPC solution turns the mobile core network in to a software application, allowing core network functionality to be handled locally, creating a private network for businesses, venues and locations. It can also be integrated with an enterprise’s existing comms infrastructure and IP-PBX, making employees’ mobile phones appear as local extensions that are part of the local voice network. This also enables regular PBX functionality on regular mobile handsets.

Quortus recently achieved 500 worldwide deployments of its core network technology, a solution that has allowed private networks, both big and small, to be deployed benefitting a wide range of sectors including large campuses, military, local government, museums, health centres, manufacturing plants and private enterprises. The addition of satellite optimization and other advanced features has made Quortus a valuable asset in the public safety and defence industries, demonstrating the scalability of the technology.

Together, Telum (RanberryTM) and Quortus will  meet the demand for integrated turnkey solutions and build a reliable end-to-end LTE network that is commercially viable for a number of target markets worldwide.

About Telum

Telum is a Russian wireless communications startup. Originated back to 2010 from a small group of Russian Academy of Science fellows, Telum now is stable and reliable partner for its customers that include Airbus Defence & Space. Since 2011, Telum is a Skolkovo Innovation Center resident. In the late 2012, Telum won Skolkovo Foundation grant to develop advanced self-organized LTE small cell technology. In 2013, Telum has got investment from Airbus Group Innovation Works.

For more information on Ranberry™ solutions, visit http://ranberry.net

About Quortus

Quortus is changing the nature of mobile networks by enabling operators to embed full core network functionality into cost-effective software applications. Quortus software can be deployed in small footprint tactical solutions, enterprises, metro hotspots and rural areas where it can act as a complete mobile network thereby drastically easing the load on traditional infrastructure and transforming the user experience. For the first time advanced network features can be handled at the edge including smart voice and data offload; session creation, switching & handoff; traffic compression & aggregation; and edge caching & presence information for mobile apps. The company is headquartered in the UK. www.quortus.com