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Quortus and Horsebridge Partner for Military and Tactical Communications Markets

Joint offering enables field-deployable private cellular 4G ‘bubbles’

Guildford, UK – 14 September 2015 – Quortus and Horsebridge Networks Ltd today announce that they are partnering to deliver 4G cellular communications solutions to the military and public safety sectors. The partnership will allow Horsebridge’ Defence and Security Division to use Quortus’ EdgeCentrix software-based network technology, enabling agile 4G solutions for in-field deployable communications and delivering high-bandwidth, reliable, secure communications for high-mobility users.

Quortus’ key EdgeCentrix product for the tactical communications market is ECX Tactical, a complete solution for field-deployable private cellular 4G ‘bubbles’ with features including multicast/broadcast, in-session mobility, relay-station functionality and ad-hoc meshing. ECX Tactical is optimized for embedding directly onto partner 4G radios creating a ‘network-on-a-chip’, allowing deployment in space and power-constrained environments, such as vehicles, drones or in backpacks.

Horsebridge provide world-class communication network and security infrastructure solutions currently deployed in over 120 countries from offices in the UK, UAE, Kenya and Malaysia. The company delivers reliable, secure and cost-effective networking solutions that are easy to deploy and proven to deliver outstanding performance.

“We have been working closely with Quortus and are delighted to be part of a collaboration which aligns with our own efforts and goals. Frontline public safety and military communications are notoriously difficult to maintain and security must always be at the forefront. By combining efforts with Quortus we are able to provide rapidly deployable private communications to enable these authorities to do the best job possible,” said Ken Turley, head of Horsebridge’s defence and security division.

Andy Odgers, CEO, Quortus, commented: “Quortus is deeply embedded in the delivery of communications for frontline operations. Whether in high-security, high-mobility environments or remote field deployments; we are focused on providing consistent, seamless and secure connections across networks. Our commitment to a working partnership with Horsebridge further strengthens our offerings for high-quality communications in the military and public safety sectors.”

ECX Tactical comprises an embedded 4G evolved packet core (EPC) with enhanced features, tightly coupled with small-footprint basestation hardware (eNodeB) and 4G or Wi-Fi UEs/modems enabling meshing and interconnection with a central core network. As well as incorporating a feature-rich EPC, ECX Tactical introduces features required by the critical communications sector such as seamless secure communications with high-mobility, to date only seen in Tetra networks.

Horsebridge will provide the systems, packaging and solutions engineering required by customers in the military and tactical sectors. Horsebridge’ solutions cover a range of technologies including fixed and wireless TDM and Packet networks from the core of the network to edge, synchronization and timing, network management and network planning tools.

Horsebridge has delivered solutions to various end users globally including fixed and mobile network operators, education, utilities, transportation, government, military and communication system integrators.

About Quortus
Quortus enables flexible, agile mobile communications networks that provide a foundation for innovative services tailored to a diverse range of end customers. Its award winning EdgeCentrix (ECX) virtualized mobile core solutions help increase operator margin and ‘stickiness’. They interwork gracefully with existing mobile networks, with small cell and HetNet architectures and with standard IT infrastructure, to create truly integrated communications platforms. Quortus’ ECX products are highly scalable and can be hosted anywhere – in the cloud, at the network edge, or deeply embedded alongside a cellular radio in a single-chip implementation.

The vision is a mobile network that delivers more: for enterprises that demand truly integrated corporate IT and communications; for MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs seeking service differentiation; for first response and public safety teams that need secure coverage everywhere they go; and for the global population not yet served by conventional mobile networks.

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About Horsebridge Network Systems
Horsebridge provides world-class communication network and security infrastructure solutions from our offices in UK, UAE, Kenya and Malaysia. Horsebridge solutions are currently deployed in over 120 countries. Our wide ranging clients include Telecom Operators Fixed and Mobile, Military, Government, Transport, Utilities, “Blue Light” Emergency Services, Service Providers, Enterprise Customer, and Municipal Networks around the world. Harnessing an innovative application of technologies Horsebridge provides reliable, secure, cost-effective solutions that are easy to deploy and proven to deliver outstanding performance. Horsebridges services oriented team of technical specialists, development engineers, and support teams work together to design, deliver and support innovative, forward-looking solutions that provide communication networks and security infrastructure solutions when and where they’re needed.

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