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Quortus Allows Mobile Operators to Put Small Cells at the Core of the Enterprise

Enterprise controller software provides a complete 3G and 4G voice and data solution that simplifies the provision of reliable indoor voice coverage and improved data speeds using small cells

Small Cells Americas, Dallas, US – 3rd December 2013 – Quortus, the company putting cellular at the core of the enterprise, today announced its new ECX Enterprise Concentrator and ECX Enterprise Gateway products. These can be installed by a mobile operator on customer premises equipment (CPE) or as a hosted solution to aggregate multiple small cell access points making them capable of local voice and data breakout. This helps operators guarantee companies ranging from SMEs to large corporate campuses reliable mobile coverage and maximum data speeds for end-users on business premises while reducing the load on their central cores.

The ECX products offer a complete voice and data solution for enterprises capable of mobility offload across all small cells within an organisation, independent of the core femto gateway. With the ECX Enterprise Concentrator, access points can be aggregated in to a single virtual access point, allowing onsite voice and data traffic to be handled locally as per the enterprise or operator’s preferences. It also handles cell-to-cell handover locally to reduce signalling load on the central core and ensure greater call reliability. The ECX Enterprise Gateway enables mobile data to be offloaded on the enterprise’s own network to increase data speeds.

“More and more businesses today are embracing cellular as their primary form of communications. However, this means that in-building coverage and data speeds are more important for businesses than ever before,” said Andy Odgers, CEO, Quortus. “Our ECX Enterprise products ensure a fast and reliable mobile network for operators to deploy in enterprises, making it possible for companies to confidently migrate to a mobile-first approach; all the while reducing the strain on an operator’s central core. We believe that with our solution, even more businesses will make this transition.”

Quortus’ solution is a software subsystem so can be installed on CPE or cloud servers, it is also entirely radio agnostic. This means operators and SIs can leverage small cell solutions from a wide array of vendors when deploying this solution in enterprises. The ECX Enterprise solutions are a product of over 10 years of experience in enterprise mobility, building on the company’s award-winning EdgeCentrix technology which has underpinned several large scale deployments, some in excess of 1500 users in a single enterprise.

Quortus’ ECX Enterprise Concentrator and ECX Enterprise Gateway are scheduled for commercial availability in Q1 2014, with trials with operator partners beginning in late 2013.

The solutions have been developed to be in alignment with the Small Cell Forum’s Release Two – Enterprise, also released today, for which Andy Odgers served in the Release Steering Group.

Today, Quortus also announced a new whitepaper, written by Rethink Technology Research, looking at the importance of enterprise small cells for both voice and data. The whitepaper can be downloaded here.