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Providing First-Class Emergency Comms – no Herculean Task with HYDRA

One area where cellular has really changed – and even saved – lives is the critical communications market. Quortus is a company that understands this and develops solutions that help the emergency services do what they do best.

Quortus has recently been working alongside leading satellite operator Avanti on a project co-funded by the UK government Technology Strategy Board on its HYDRA project: a plan to develop a solution capable of delivering high-speed 4G networks to first responders that utilises both our core network and satellite backhaul optimisation technology.

4G has been earmarked in the UK as the network of choice for emergency services but ubiquitous coverage across the country – for some time at least – is unlikely. HYDRA is a completely transportable network and can be rapidly deployed where an incident takes place, giving emergency services the communication tools they need to do their jobs. It provides a completely private network over a radius of 2km that can securely transmit data, make calls without interference and even locate disaster victims using the signal from their phones.

HYDRA is the first solution of this type on the market and is fully compliant with emergency services communications as well as being backwards compatible to 3G and 2G. While primarily geared towards UK companies, HYDRA also has the potential to be applied to other markets and will be available from Q3/Q4 2014.

If you want to see the fruits of our labours, head to BAPCO: the UK’s premier multi-agency public safety communications forum, which is taking place in Manchester on 1-2 April. Be sure to come by Avanti’s stand, number D30, and witness what could be a life-changing solution in action.