MVNOs World Congress: Quortus named best solution provider for Openet collaboration

by | 23 May 2018

MVNO Awards 2018 logoLast month’s MVNOs World Congress was a great success for Quortus, not least because we lifted the Best Solution Provider Award for our collaborative work with Openet.

For me, several general themes came out of the show. First, it’s clear that existing MVNOs in crowded European B2C markets are looking to diversify into B2B, where there’s a strong potential for revenue growth. In short, enterprise cellular is a hot area.

Second, mobile operators more generally are leaving behind traditional voice and data packages and want to sell anything that can be delivered and managed via digital channels: from entertainment and banking, to energy services and transportation. The move towards the IoT is just part of that wider diversification.

Third, many MNOs are using second brands to expand their offerings.

All of these trends point to massive changes in how we need to approach the fundamental cellular network architecture: which perhaps explains why the MVNO Awards judges were so impressed by the results of our partnership with Openet.

We’ve worked together to create a new Digital Platform that can reduce the cost of launching new services by 90% – and cut the time required to as little as 14 weeks. The solution is far more flexible and powerful than traditional BSS / OSS / vEPC combinations and is ideal for operators setting up second brands: they can quickly and easily access the infrastructure they need and run it alongside an existing operation. It’s equally easy for new entrants, which need a complete solution, or even something that can be delivered “as-a-service”.

The Openet Digital Platform represents a revolutionary new approach to the systems that traditionally run a telecoms business. It provides an end-to-end network stack, using the latest virtualization technology, encompassing customer engagement, business functions, and data management, and of course includes the advanced virtualized EPC (vEPC) core network functions provided by Quortus.

The virtualized, software-based approach permits quick investigation of new use cases and implementation of new business models; and fast overall time to market for new services.

The Digital Platform was launched in December 2017 and has already been commercially deployed by a Tier 1 North American communications operator to provide its Digital as a Service solution. We’re delighted that its potential has been recognized with a prestigious MVNO Award.