Quortus provides a complete, scalable range of multi-standard (4G / 3G / 2G) software-based cellular core network (vEPC) solutions suitable for MVNOs and MVNEs.

Based on our flagship ECX Core product, our solutions for MVNOs and MVNEs are scalable, facilitating a pay-as-you-grow commercial model. We economically support applications with less than 10 users (or attached devices), up to millions of connections – ideal for IoT applications.

We also provide tailored support for your business model. From a ‘lightweight’ subscriber management and roaming solution (HLR/HSS only), through to fully configured packet and CS voice and SMS gateway functionalities with billing, roaming and other O&M interfaces, we have the right solution.

Advanced features include multiple IMSI support with IMSI steering, allowing us to help you maximize revenue and reduce operating costs, while ensuring quality of customer experience. We can build in redundancy for high reliability. We can even provide a customized solution to your exact requirements.

Our products are architected to run on multiple platforms – both embedded and virtual. They are proven on x86, ARM and MIPS platforms, and many varieties of Linux, and are compatible with virtual machine and NFV container architectures. Our modular architecture supports control/user plane separation (CUPS) as required.

Case study: Telecom26

Telecom26 logoOur solutions have already been successfully deployed at scale by Swiss communications provider Telecom26, providing underlying network intelligence and enabling an “anywhere-you-go” service that gives customers access to over 700 global networks via a single SIM.

This is a multi-standard (3G/4G) MVNO deployment, using scalable ECX components including our HLR/HSS, GGSN/PGW, PCRF, and GMSC/SMSC. It enables full 3G and 4G roaming interconnects with multiple MNOs, and standards-based integration with billing solutions. Telecom26 uses our multi-IMSI support with IMSI steering, to direct subscribers to appropriate roaming partners wherever they may be in the world.


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