Robust solutions for tactical communications

Military and public safety

Quortus has a long history of providing tactical communications solutions for military, public safety and emergency response organizations. Today, these customers have more demanding requirements than ever: robust, secure and sanitized networks that can be deployed anywhere and provide not only guaranteed voice coverage, but also advanced data services.

We focus on providing high-profile customers with cellular-based features tailored for the work that they do in often demanding scenarios. Working closely with systems integrators, prime contractors and value added resellers, we create the best packaged solution for the end customer. Our solutions can be implemented standalone, or with controlled integration with public mobile network infrastructure.

Quortus’ scalable, software-based architecture allows us to reduce the packaging and power requirements of in-field portable network devices. We can create a “bring-your-own-coverage” solution, that creates a complete field-deployable cellular network in a form factor suitable for deployment in a ground-based vehicle, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or personnel back-pack. Our technology is radio-agnostic, allowing customers to choose the best access technology for their requirements.

Our ECX Tactical product includes advanced features such as multicast/broadcast, in-session mobility, relay-station functionality and ad-hoc node meshing, along with data & voice offload facilities to support push-to-talk and voice services, local data caching and SMS for telemetry and user tracking. Its unique meshing capabilities allow the creation of a peer-to-peer network of coverage “bubbles”, eliminating the risks associated with centralized solutions that have a single point of failure.

ECX Tactical is specifically designed for the public safety and military market, and unlike some other solutions is not constrained by being essentially a civil or consumer macro product. Quortus offers full customization services and all software is Quortus owned, created and UK based, giving us full control over features, timelines and packaging.

To find out more about ECX Tactical, visit our product pages.


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