Many types of site – from embassies to prisons and other correctional facilities – need to manage access to cellular services within a defined area, typically a building or campus. Quortus has substantial experience in providing such managed access systems (MAS).

Managing access to cellular service

Managed access systems use a private network with limited coverage area, within which the behavior of user handsets is tightly controlled. They are typically deployed by law enforcement authorities, government departments and agencies within a tightly defined ethical, legal and regulatory framework.

Correctional facilities have a particular need for MAS systems. Contraband cellular phones smuggled into prisons and jails are known to be used to co-ordinate illegal activities, which can compromise the welfare of inmates, staff and the general public.

Via its ECX Sentinel offering, Quortus provides a solution to these requirements which is much more sophisticated than conventional ‘jamming’ or ‘IMSI-grabber’ products. It gives the facility owner the ability to control illicit or unwanted communication activity, without impacting legitimate usage. Policies can be defined for a range of user groups, ranging from service denial for arbitrary unknown handsets, to secure access to a set of protected resources and services for known authorized users.

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