Fully featured virtualized 4G EPC & 3G/2G core solutions

Quortus ECX Core is a multi-standard fully-featured virtualized cellular core network solution which provides ultimate deployment flexibility for service providers and systems integrators. It incorporates open standard (3GPP compliant) functions which make up a full 4G LTE EPC, to provide a tightly integrated core network for any combination of mobile cellular standards. Because it supports a full set of flexibly configured EPC functions, it reduces costs and integration complexity, while offering configuration options that enable powerful new network features. As well as supporting a distributed ‘edge hosted’ architecture, ECX Core scales to support millions of connected users in MVNO deployments.

Based on Quortus’ award winning EdgeCentrix edge computing technology, ECX Core provides the ultimate cellular core network solution for deploying at the network edge or part of a public, private or hybrid centralized cloud core infrastructure deployment.


ECX Core provides all of the functions of a 4G EPC, as well as 3G and 2G (GSM) functionality

Billing, roaming, IoT and VoLTE

ECX Core supports a comprehensive feature set suitable for regional MNO, MVNO / MVNE, and private cellular deployments. These include billing interfaces, MNO roaming interconnects, and power saving modes for IoT / M2M applications. The integrated IMS functions enable support for VoLTE or OTT VoIP & PTT services. In addition, SMS over 2G, 3G and 4G is supported.

Cloud native

ECX Core is deployable in all virtualized environments including VMs and NFV (network function virtualization) containers. Its highly efficient executable provides a cloud native footprint enabling rapid bring-up of containerized VNFs, allowing dynamic scaling of public, private and hybrid cloud hosted core networks.

Processor platform agnostic

ECX Core runs on any x86, ARM or MIPS based hardware platform. From enterprise hosted single board computer appliances to cloud based server environments, ECX Core economically scales between a few private users and millions of users accessing globally roamed networks.

5G software defined networking (SDN) architecture

Using its disaggregated network functions, ECX Core employs control and user plane separation (CUPS) techniques to economically scale next generation carrier deployments aimed at applications such as Internet of Things (IOT). Vertical and horizontal network slicing is supported providing dynamic scalability and QoE control.

Enabling your business case

ECX Core flexible deployments, customizable architecture, and rich feature set enable a multitude of cellular use cases including:

  • Private cellular – for enterprises, utilities, governments etc
  • MVNOs – deploying full or lightweight core networks
  • MVNEs – flexible licensing schemes including usage based subscription licensing
  • IoT and IIoT – MNO virtual dedicated IoT core networks and private cellular IoT (CIoT)
  • Network in a box – instant LTE networks for front line rescue, public safety, military and special events
  • Specialist cellular deployments – Quortus provides consultancy and integration services tailored to network integrators with custom requirements.

Quortus’ experience and innovative technology addresses the scaling and IT integration demanded by todays MVNO / MVNE for a variety of end user applications including mobile handsets and IoT.

Out-of-the-box solutions

Quortus supplies ECX Core as individual functions, super-efficient collapsed software packages, and pre-integrated (hardware + software) solutions.

To find out more see our dedicated bundled solutions page.


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